Umapped Webinars

Register for an interactive webinar and learn how to create beautiful, branded proposals and itineraries using the Umapped Trip Publisher!


Webinar | Introduction to Umapped (35 mins)

• Overview of the client interface (web, PDF, mobile app)

• Demo on how to build a trip from beginning to end using the Trip Publisher

• Q&A


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Webinar | Beyond the Basics (30-40 mins)

• Overview of advanced Trip Publisher features

• Best practices + tips and tricks!

• Topics vary each week


Here are our upcoming Beyond the Basics webinar topics:


Monday, April 6th | NEW Trip Publisher updates 

• Expanded view option so you can preview your Trips more efficiently

• New Search & Filter option to make it easier to locate and sort through your Trips, Templates, and Vendors

Tuesday, April 14th | How to turn your top-selling Trips into Templates!

• Learn how to create new templates, or convert top-selling Trips into Templates

• How to use your Template to easily create new Trips

• Make your Templates available to others in your company

Wednesday, April 22nd | Discover how to create and customize your Vendors 

• Learn how to search and create a Vendor from an existing Trip, or from scratch. 

• Managing different Vendors types: Hotel, Activity, Transportation

• Tips and tricks on how to add Vendor photos

Tuesday, April 28th | Enhancing your Trips to help increase conversion! 

• Learn how to add customized note segments

• How to add destination content & library documents to a Trip

• Improving your Trip PDF

• A brief overview of account preferences and information 

Wednesday, May 6th | Learn how to build beautiful Cruises in Trip Publisher 

• A step-by-step instructional guide to creating the perfect Cruise for your clients

• Review of our existing Cruise database

• How to Import reservations from ShoreTrips and customize your Cruise Trip


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Webinar | Live Q&A (35 mins)

• Submit your questions to the Umapped Customer Success Team

• Please note this Live Q&A Session DOES NOT cover step-by-step on how to build itineraries in Trip Publisher. Please join our weekly Introduction for Travel Professionals webinar instead


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Umapped One-on-One Meeting (20 mins)

• Schedule a free one-on-one session with a Umapped Customer Success team member. Demos, training, and Q&A sessions take 20 minutes online via Zoom


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Want to learn more?

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