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Looking Back at 2019 with Umapped

23 December, 2019

The Umapped team is extremely grateful to our partners and clients for continuing to share our journey with us. Since you helped us to shape our 2019, we want to share some of the top milestones of our year with you! 2019 has been filled with excitement, but we’re gearing...
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Reunions & Family Vacations Made Easier with Umapped

28 November, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced this: you book a vacation with your family, but it’s not until the plane takes off that you realize you all have completely different ideas of how you’ll be spending your time together. Do we build sandcastles all day or do we visit...
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collaborative itinerary client retention

The Four Times You Need to Connect With Your Clients Post-Booking

28 November, 2019

Post-purchase communication is essential for building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your clients. Among the many benefits, as we all know, it validates your client’s purchasing decisions, it keeps you top of mind throughout their travel lifecycle, and it can strengthen the foundation of trust you’ve been working oh-so-hard at...
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You Asked, We Listened: How Trip Publisher is Evolving to Meet Your Needs

30 October, 2019

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” — Max De Pree When the Umapped Trip Publisher launched in 2014, our focus was as an itinerary management application. Our main goal was to provide travel advisors with a collaborative and up-to-the-minute itinerary option for their...
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10 Simple Ways Your Travel Consulting Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly

4 October, 2019

If you want to “go green”, but feel a little late to the party, it’s actually easier than you think. Whether you’re a home-based agent or commute to an office, here are ten simple ideas to reduce your impact on the planet. Best of all, this isn’t just a feelgood...
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millennial travellers

4 Useful Tips for Appealing to Millennial Travellers

2 October, 2019

At this point, we’ve all heard enough about how different millennials are from their parents and grandparents; how they’ve “ruined” various industries; or how they supposedly bounce from job to job.  The truth is millennials do have important things in common with other generations, and travel is one of those...
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benefits of collaborative itinerary

You Are Only Booking Half of What You Can Be – Here’s How to Book It All

30 September, 2019

It turns out that many travel consultants are still content to just get their clients from A to B. Every trip may start with a flight but selling a good airfare is hardly the most lucrative segment of any travel itinerary anymore. Do you know what is? According to recent...
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online travel booker prevent scams

Using Umapped to Protect Clients from Travel Scams

16 September, 2019

Many North Americans opt to book their travel online because they’re hoping for a greater sense of convenience and control. Unfortunately, research shows that large numbers of consumers become victims of online travel scams in the process.  Find out how travel advisors powered by Umapped can help their clients bridge...
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How Umapped Makes Collaboration with Partners Easy

29 August, 2019

Your clients have just booked a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast with an upscale, boutique tour operator. They’ve pulled out all the stops. Excursions upon excursions, extra days dovetailed to their itinerary – the works.  Will you be spending the foreseeable future painstakingly compiling your clients’ itinerary? Not if...
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5 Reasons Why Umapped Is The Solution Luxury Travellers Are Looking For

26 August, 2019

For the last decade, luxury consumer trends have seen a shift from a desire for expensive things to an emphasis on exclusive experiences.  Luxury has evolved. It means different things to different people now. Today, luxury touches on an overarching theme of personal fulfillment as defined by the individual traveller,...
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