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Spotlight on the privacy vs personalization debate in travel

18 July, 2018

  What’s our role as travel technologists? This is the question I found myself asking during the recent Skift Tech Forum in Silicon Valley. The “Personalization Dilemma” was a hot topic at the recent event, with data privacy and consumer personalization among the most debated topics. On the one hand,...
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Umapped Highlights Untapped Revenue Opportunities for Travel Companies and Advisors with Tours & Activities

12 April, 2017

New eBook outlines the profitable potential of distributing tours and activities to travelers inside their mobile itineraries In a newly released eBook titled, Untapped Opportunities: How Mobile Itineraries Bring Travelers Curated Tours and Activities at the Right Time and Place, Umapped offers insights into leveraging collaborative mobile and itinerary technology...
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Collaborative Itinerary Management Unlocks Traveler Engagement and New Revenue

9 February, 2017

Traveler engagement is no longer a series of one-off transactions—it’s an ongoing dialogue and experience. Consumers today want to interact virtually with products and brands in multiple ways. Social media content and conversations with friends and influencers is one of the first places people go for travel planning. Smartphones and...
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Small Screens, Big Opportunities for Travel Brands in 2017

28 October, 2016

Why it’s time to get serious about mobile to connect, collaborate and enhance the travel journey By Lisa Israelovitch, CEO and Co-founder, Umapped Mobile has weaved itself into almost everything we do, so it makes sense that everyone is using mobile while traveling. Technology is changing more quickly than in...
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Travel Companies Can Improve Revenues by Engaging Travelers on the Right Channels

21 December, 2015

Marketing, as we know it, has been rapidly evolving over the past number of years, and 2015 has been a year of significant change. The role of marketing has transitioned from an expense to an accountable revenue driver that is no longer just a data point on a report or...
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How Can Travel Brands Engage Customers at Every Stage of Travel?

24 November, 2015

Once again this year the Phocuswright Conference in Florida did not disappoint. With global leaders taking part in the Travel Innovation Summit, including Umapped, it was fascinating to see how travel technology is evolving at such a rapid pace. I met some amazing founders who presented their solutions to particular...
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Even Google Knows How Fragmented Travel Planning Can Be (and How Travel Brands Can Take Advantage of the Problem)

17 November, 2015

Planning a leisure trip, whether with family or friends, has become more challenging. The array of choices, the influencing factors from others, the amount of information and research needed, the comparison of costs – plus the numerous marketing deals available, can make vacation planning a full-time job. Gone are the...
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Say my Name, Say my Name! The Story Behind Umapped

5 November, 2015

People always ask me how we came up with the name Umapped. It’s been three incredible years growing the industry’s first truly collaborative platform from a vision to reality, and I thought it was time to share our journey. Every trip has a story. And each story is comprised of...
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Shared, Liked and Re-Tweeted – The Role of Friends & Social Recommendations

3 November, 2015

I have a confession to make. I love looking at pictures of food my friends post while they are on vacation. As a mom, wife and entrepreneur (not always in that order) I can’t travel as much as I used to for leisure. So I have become addicted to living...
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Can you hear me now?

26 October, 2015

How the Channels of Communication around Travel are Broken When the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” ad campaign first launched, consumers found it humorous even though the message of frustration caused by breaks in communication resonated beneath the surface. The irritation of how real this problem was (and still...
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