Are You Ready for Wedding Season? Here’s How Umapped Makes Group Travel Easier
21 May, 2019
collaborative itinerary management tool

Don’t let destination wedding season catch you off guard. As many as 14% of Canadian weddings take place abroad, and as far as the winter wedding season goes, 1 in 4 couples will opt for a destination wedding! Here’s how to use Umapped’s collaborative itinerary management solutions to streamline your group travel workflow and leave your clients with a top-notch impression.

1. Send Itineraries to Multiple Travellers

Managing group travel itineraries in one place couldn’t be easier with the Umapped Trip Publisher’s Travel Group feature. Once you’ve published your collaborative itinerary, you can use it to send copies to multiple travellers, and even publish the trip at different times for different groups as wedding RSVP’s trickle in.

2. Duplicate & Customize Bookings

There’s no need to add group flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities one at a time as you build your clients’ itineraries. Use the Umapped Trip Publisher’s Duplicate function to add and customize booking details for every traveller in a single bound.

3. Use Templates to Create Multiple Trips

For large wedding parties, use Templates to easily create multiple trips and save a group of bookings in one place. You can choose between building a Template from scratch or convert an existing trip into a Template. Either way, each trip can be customized to meet individual travel needs, such as creating an extended honeymoon plan for the newlyweds.

4. Encourage Travellers to Share Highlights

The more time your travellers spend engaging with your company-branded app, the more you’ll be top of mind for their future travel plans. Travellers sharing an itinerary can easily add their photos and notes in one convenient place. It’s a fabulous way for newlyweds to share personalized thank-you messages with their guests and enjoy candid photos taken throughout the trip.

Wedding season is well on its way, so don’t find yourself overwhelmed with demand. See how much time Umapped can save you with our Productivity Boost Calculator, or register for a Webinar to ensure you’re using our solutions to serve you best.

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