How Umapped Makes Collaboration with Partners Easy
29 August, 2019
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Your clients have just booked a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast with an upscale, boutique tour operator. They’ve pulled out all the stops. Excursions upon excursions, extra days dovetailed to their itinerary – the works. 

Will you be spending the foreseeable future painstakingly compiling your clients’ itinerary? Not if you know how to maximize Umapped’s collaborative itinerary features: 

Automatically Import Supplier Bookings & Content

Umapped has partnered with an extensive number of tour operators and travel providers, so travel consultants can easily import supplier bookings and content directly to their Trips. 

You can also import bookings and content from your own preferred partners. Gather your clients’ trip details through email, pdf documents, GDS, ClientBase, Wetu, booking inbox, and templates. It’s that easy. 

Collaborating with Third-Party Travel Professionals

At its heart, Umapped’s Trip Publisher is a collaborative itinerary management platform. Take advantage of the features that allow you to collaborate with colleagues and third party travel providers. 

Try inviting that boutique tour operator to add their itinerary content to your clients’ Trip. You’ll maintain full control over their permissions by assigning one of four access levels. Plus, collaborators don’t need an existing Umapped account to get started. 

Many niche travel suppliers, vendors, and tour operators will welcome the streamlined appearance and traveller perks that a Umapped itinerary provides. Meanwhile, travel consultants can save the time it would otherwise take to put together a complex itinerary themselves. Encourage your supplier partners to save their tours for ease of access later!

Co-Branding Itineraries

With Umapped’s Trip Publisher, both you and a third party collaborator can keep your brands front and centre on Trips. 

Add a second logo to an itinerary if desired by enabling Collaboration and IC/Affiliate Branding. It’s a win-win! 

In-App Messaging

Third-party collaborators can use the Umapped Messenger to send and receive real-time messages with consultants and travellers alike. As a collaborator, they will have access to the general Trip Chat (where they can message travellers) and Collaborator chat (where they can message you, the trip creator as well as other collaborators). 

Psst! Want to know how to use Umapped for easy collaboration within your team? This article breaks it down. 

There are countless ways your team can use Umapped to boost productivity and wow clients. Be confident that you’re using our travel solutions to their full potential, and register for an interactive webinar today.

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