You Asked, We Listened: How Trip Publisher is Evolving to Meet Your Needs
30 October, 2019
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“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” — Max De Pree

When the Umapped Trip Publisher launched in 2014, our focus was as an itinerary management application. Our main goal was to provide travel advisors with a collaborative and up-to-the-minute itinerary option for their clients, that could give the modern traveller all the information they needed in the palm of their hand.

We soon realized that there was another big problem plaguing the travel industry in the 21st century – a myriad of travel booking sources meant advisors were stuck holding the bag, having to be both travel designers and digital designers, sinking hours into trying to consolidate booking confirmations into a readable, usable itinerary document. So we listened – and built integrations with GDS systems, CRMs, and hundreds of airlines, hotels, and tour operators. Gone were the days of struggling with PDFs or Word documents, spending valuable time on copy and paste.

Travel professionals responded in a big way – then they told us they needed more. In a highly visual and user-driven tech landscape, itineraries needed to be more than just dynamic. They needed to be immersive, beautiful, and most of all collaborative. Enter version 2.0 of our Web Itinerary and mobile app, which allowed messaging and traveller collaboration. Now modern travellers who were used to being connected and in control could experience the benefit of a curated travel experience and the ability to give input and feedback in an instant. 

Our new Trip Publisher Experience represents the next step in our journey of elevating professionally designed travel: a cleaner, more dynamic user interface for travel professionals – with room to grow. 

Advisors want to be able to deliver consistent and compelling travel options at every stage of the client interaction, not just post-booking. Why wait to wow your clients until after they’ve signed on the dotted line? We want Trips powered by Umapped to help you sell to and retain your best clients. That’s why we’ve redesigned to set the stage for even more exciting features.

Soon you will be able to find more functionality to create engaging and elaborate Templates, Proposals or Quotes that showcase not just a destination but your expertise. We’re building toward better insights, simpler workflows, and more time spent selling Trips that inspire. 

In the meantime, we know change is hard. There have been stumbling blocks and unforeseen obstacles, but we have our secret weapon – advisors who are engaged and willing to let us know what they love…and what they don’t. Here’s how we’ve improved in our first thirty days:

– We brought tables…back to the table. Use them in Notes, Insurance, Summaries, or Pages. 

– We’re seeing double. The capability to duplicate segments is returning, based on user feedback.

– We rewrote the book(ing field). Booking numbers can now be added in the first step in creating Flight and Accommodation segments, and more visibility will be coming to the segment card view.

Thank you for continuing to fuel our progress with your engagement and support. Your Trips are powered by Umapped, but Umapped is powered by you. We hope you’ll be just as excited as we are about what’s to come.

~Melanie Yusuf, Director of Customer Success

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