How to Fit More Clients Into Your Biggest Booking Season with Umapped
2 March, 2020

With March Break around the corner and the year’s biggest booking seasons already underway, Umapped’s time-saving features help make the booking experience simpler and faster. Travel Advisors powered by Umapped can give clients the high touch booking experience they deserve, and have the time to reach out to more clients.

See how much time Umapped can save you, and fit more clients into your biggest booking season.


  1. Use Templates to build your Trips in seconds!


Instead of building itineraries the old fashioned way, save time and build Trips in seconds with Templates. If you find that you plan similar trips for your clients, converting an existing itinerary into a trip Template will be a huge time saver for your business. 

With a Template, all the elements of the itinerary are there, but without specifics, like dates, passenger names, booking numbers, and so on. Now, every time you book this trip type, all you need to do is pull up that Template and get booking. With Templates, you have one less step to worry about.


  1. Make the most of Collaboration features!


The group that plans together, stays together. Thanks to Umapped’s group-friendly planning features. Collaboration features allow clients to plan and build their Trips together, communicate with each other through the in-app group messaging feature, and add segments and notes. Clients can collaborate to keep track of their trip plan details, down to the nitty-gritty:

  •  Add Notes about kid-friendly venues, make meal choices ahead of time, etc.
  • Add Restaurant reservations to the itinerary 
  • Invite family members to the trip to stay on top of the family trip schedule 


  1. Make travel stress-free for your clients!


Umapped is a one-stop-shop for all your clients’ travel plans. From booking confirmations and live updates to messaging features, the Umapped platform consolidates all of your clients’ travel needs. Find everything in one place:

  • Live flight notifications
  • Traveller collaboration
  • Travel Advisor to Traveller instant messaging capability
  • Access to past trips archive
  • Traveller social media access
  • Access to itinerary offline

Not to mention, with Umapped, travellers can sync their Trips to their existing calendars. Your Super Mom Clients, masters of the calendar themselves, will love you for the interactive and user-friendly syncable itinerary.


Umapped’s time-saving features allow you to boost your productivity and give you back more time to focus on your clients. Maximize the full potential of your busiest booking seasons with Umapped.

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