The next step in selling your trips with Umapped
22 April, 2021

The Trip Publisher has always been your best ally in selling trips, from shareable Templates to rich, beautiful Trips with a variety of interactive elements for your customers. Now, we’re upping the ante with the first iteration of our new cross-sell functionality. 

Our new cross-selling functionality combs your trip for missing components and ways for you to cross-sell throughout the proposal and trip building process based on your customers’ needs. Instead: we’ll let you know when your customers are ready to purchase insurance, giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff.

In a post-Covid world, your travellers will thank you for making it so easy for them to request insurance. Additionally, insurance represents the highest margin cross-sell product when compared to any other service, so Umapped is making it easier for you to benefit at every single point in the traveller journey. 


Top 3 Ways to Benefit from Cross-Sell


Whether you’re presenting your customers with a proposal or a trip, cross-sell is there for you to give your clients everything they need. We’re only going to continue to enhance our cross-selling capabilities, but here are some of the top ways that you can immediately benefit from our insurance cross-sell tool:

  • * Benefit from an itinerary management system that works with you when building your proposals and trips, so that you can focus on what you do best
  • * Upsell and cross-sell easily and efficiently by empowering your customers to request more products and services from you all on their own
  • * Ensure that your clients have everything at their fingertips –  the interactive quality allows customers to feel like they’re making a conscious choice and contributing to their Trip



Our cross-sell feature gives you an incredible opportunity to improve the customer experience by making it easier for your customers to request insurance to protect their trip. We’re taking the small details out of your hands and letting you focus on the big picture: selling extraordinary trips!


Want to Learn More?


The Umapped team is dedicated to helping travel professionals like you streamline their workflows, boost productivity, and impress clients. If you’d like to know more about how you can harness the insurance cross-sell functionality for your business, we’re here to help!  

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