Are Smartphones Ruining Travel?
21 May, 2019
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Whether or not you remember spending hours on hold with an airline, getting lost in a foreign city or being stuck for a phrase in another language, there is no denying that smartphones have made travelling abroad easier than ever.

Today, we can check-in online, pull up a detailed map and directions and even speak in another tongue with a couple of swipes of the finger or thumb. Gone are the days of being stuck for a ride, directionless walks around town, and pointing to menu items we’d like to order in restaurants we hope are ok.

Yet, with all the benefits of being connected while travelling in plain view, why does there seem to be a technology backlash when it comes to tourism?   

Constant connectivity, though it has many benefits, can also open the floodgates to work emails and all of the stresses travellers are trying to disconnect from. Not to mention, technology can become a distraction from being in the moment. How many of us have seen people focusing on capturing a perfect photo to share online later instead of simply enjoying the view right in front of them?

But, the truth is, with a little discipline, smartphones can help us to have more meaningful travel experiences.

How Umapped Can Help Your Clients Get the Most Out of Their Trips 

So, how do your clients get the most out of their trip while using the latest tech? They use their mobile apps as time-saving tools, not a time waster.

With the white labelled Umapped app, your clients benefit from the latest travel conveniences, like real-time notifications for airline schedule changes and weather updates on the area they are visiting. Instantly, they can be connected to you, their travel advisor, to add on to their trip or to deviate from any plans. That means less time sorting through confusing .pdf’s and more time enjoying their travels.

The Umapped app also allows travel groups to collaborate at the touch of a button. They can share photos, videos, and notes in their dynamic itinerary, and keep a unique record of their experiences without being tempted to waste precious holiday time on social media.

Best of all, your clients can even access and view their detailed itinerary offline, saving them from having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot or an internet cafe, if they still even exist. By providing access to destination maps and all of your clients’ travel documents at their fingertips, Umapped makes it easier to truly unplug without sacrificing the benefits of technology.

Some still like to get out and walk till they’re lost, eat whatever they point to and take a taxi to get home from wherever they end up. And some do all of these things with the smartest of smartphones in their pocket striking the perfect balance.

It’s all in how a traveller interacts with technology. Designed for travellers, Umapped’s travel app keeps them top of mind by saving them valuable time, time to wander and to get blissfully lost, but only if they want to be.

See how much time Umapped can save you with our Productivity Boost Calculator, or register for a Webinar to ensure you’re using our solutions to serve you best.

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