Say my Name, Say my Name! The Story Behind Umapped
5 November, 2015

People always ask me how we came up with the name Umapped. It’s been three incredible years growing the industry’s first truly collaborative platform from a vision to reality, and I thought it was time to share our journey.

Every trip has a story. And each story is comprised of hundreds of touchpoints along the way, beginning with the planning, the actual trip and the sharing of memories during and afterward.

Our mission at Umapped is about helping “you” (you being the traveler, the travel professional or the travel brand) enjoy a seamless experience throughout the journey. Umapped connects travelers to the people, experiences and information that play a role in their trip. The “experiential mapping” powered by Umapped starts with the travel itinerary, which comprises the items booked like airfare, hotel and then expands to incorporate the various touchpoints that will be experienced every step of the way.

Let’s start with the people. As a traveler, you need to stay connected to various people when you travel; travel companions, travel providers, inspiring influencers and social networks. Behind the scenes, the entire industry relies on collaboration between airlines, hotels, cruise companies, on the ground operators, tourism boards, and travel professionals. The time was ripe to create a platform that finally brought everyone together!

When it comes to planning experiences, Umapped offers travelers a genuine collaborative interaction by bringing relevant information at just the right time to add value. The platform extends a typical itinerary from just a series of bookings into a dynamic, interactive experience where travelers can continually update their travel plans, drawing on inspiration and recommendations from friends and influencers by adding new items to wish lists or plans. During the trip, travelers can use the Umapped mobile app to capture memories in real-time. Additionally photos and locations will sync with others traveling, creating a shared keepsake of your travel story that everyone can reminisce on.

A trip itinerary and experience includes a lot of information and details. For travelers, it’s about accessing real-time value added information that enhances the journey. These may include flight updates and check-in that save you hours at the airport, or a local foodie tour that came up on your app from your travel provider who knows you love local food adventures.

For travel brands, it’s all about sharing relevant and useful information with customers pre-arrival, during their trip and after they return home. Whether it’s a special perk that you want to extend to your best customers, Umapped delivers notifications to travelers at the right time, and in the right place – as a sticky and engaging extension to their itinerary that they can access at their fingertips.

Whichever role ‘U” play in the travel process – your contribution to “mapping” the experience around the story is invaluable. The best way to join forces with others to proactively plan your once in a lifetime experiences is as easy as saying my name…Umapped – Traveling Together Just Got Better!

P.S. In real life our name is behind the scenes, as we power white label solutions for leading travel brands around the world!

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