Your Clients are Obsessed with Planning. Here’s How to Use That to Your Advantage
18 February, 2020
woman plans travel online

If you’re a travel professional, you’re already familiar with the jolt of energy that comes from planning an exciting itinerary. It’s a rush! And these days, many of your clients know the feeling, too.  

In fact, millennial travellers especially seem to have fallen in love with the excitement of intricate trip-planning. When it’s time to plan a vacation, out come the spreadsheets, the custom Google maps, even the wardrobe planning! 

So how can travel advisors win over their detail-oriented, advanced-planning, spreadsheet-loving clients? With a collaborative itinerary management tool like Umapped.  

Here’s why it works.  

Don’t Beat Them, Join Them

For the modern traveller that enjoys the preparation just as much as the trip itself, bringing their travel plans to an advisor can feel like giving up a part of the experience they enjoy. But it doesn’t have to be like that! 

Travel advisors powered by Umapped create itineraries collaboratively with their clients. They can easily merge their industry knowledge and expertise with their clients’ own vision and research.  

Umapped’s Trip Publisher allows both travellers and travel advisors to add components to a Trip (such as excursion bookings, dinner reservations, destination guides, photos, and notes). They can also easily communicate with each other at every stage of travel within the Trip Publisher app. 

Do the Heavy Lifting (the easy way)

Although it’s a labour of love, planning the perfect itinerary is a long process for those who try to do it alone.  

Travel advisors can help their clients speed up the research process without sacrificing any excitement. And travel advisors powered by Umapped can build impressive, well-organized itineraries in a fraction of the time! 

Everything about the Trip Publisher was designed with time-saving in mind. Advisors can boost their productivity with efficient features like:  

  • Importing bookings from email, CRM, GDS, pdf, and more 
  • Creating Trips from Templates & Templates from Trips 
  • Seamless sharing with travellers & thirdparty suppliers 

Embrace Travel Technology

It’s true that phones have become an important part of our travel experiencesand that’s something to embrace, not fear! Convenient travel tech like the Trip Publisher lets travel advisors manage their clients’ bookings and trip details in a streamlined app. No more fighting with document formatting.  

For travellers,  a digital itinerary provides the same convenience as a piece of paper in your pocket, but with the added benefit of flexibility in case of travel plan changes.  

Besides, both parties benefit when travellers can easily share their trips with friends and family. With Umapped, your clients have access to their expertly designed trips even after they’ve returned home and unpacked, and they can continue to share them with others for travel inspiration. The best part is your business’ information will be front and centre when they do.  


Travel is exciting. Keep it that way with Umapped! Register for our next interactive webinar and learn how to use every Umapped Trip Publisher feature to provide outstanding, memorable service for your clients. 

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