5 Reasons Why Umapped Is The Solution Luxury Travellers Are Looking For
26 August, 2019
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For the last decade, luxury consumer trends have seen a shift from a desire for expensive things to an emphasis on exclusive experiences. 

Luxury has evolved. It means different things to different people now. Today, luxury touches on an overarching theme of personal fulfillment as defined by the individual traveller, and transformative moments that resonate deeply with an aspirational version of his or herself. Luxury travellers are looking for meaningful moments.

As the industry adapts to the needs of the luxury consumer, so has Umapped. The interactive, collaborative technology fosters an engaging customer journey all throughout the travel lifecycle. Expert travel advisors are then able to assess needs seamlessly and better understand their client’s definition of luxury.

With Umapped’s interactive touch and innovative technology, travel advisors can provide a personalized, professional, and polished service at every step of the customer journey for their luxury travel clients that they can’t find anywhere else. 

Here are 5 reasons why Umapped is the solution your luxury clients are looking for. 

Sophisticated design

Eye-catching and easy to navigate, Umapped upgrades your clients’ experience. Your clients can browse beautifully designed, inspiring destination content curated with hand-picked photos. Plus, they can view proposals and simple itineraries organized by date. In every instance, your branding is front and centre. 

Collaborative features

Many clients end up booking travel reservations while at their destination. Trip Messenger, an in-app instant messaging tool, allows travellers to communicate in groups and send each other recommendations without navigating away from their travel information. Groups can chat with each other, collaborate on their itineraries, and share recommendations. Additionally, with this tool, you can be within arm’s reach for questions and assistance as your clients plan. 

Real-time updates

Umapped lets your clients stay up-to-the-minute with live flight updates and notifications. Reminders and updates sync to their mobile app and web itinerary immediately, and delays/cancellations are sent out by email to both you and the traveller, ensuring important information never gets missed. Thanks to a new partnership with OAG, travellers can now receive notifications up to 24 hours prior to takeoff.

Simplified, consolidated platform

No more static emails and outdated word documents. Your clients can save time with one centralized, organized platform to access all the information they need – flights, tours, cruise details, transfer booking confirmations, and more. All booking numbers and documents are available at clients’ fingertips, even while offline.

Virtuoso approved

Umapped is Virtuoso’s official itinerary platform. More members of Virtuoso, a prestigious leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, use Umapped’s innovative technology to craft beautiful itineraries in collaboration with clients than any other provider. 

Virtuoso members also enjoy preferred Umapped pricing plans and access to exclusive Virtuoso content within the Trip Publisher, including Virtuoso hotel amenities information. 


Umapped is an integral component of your luxury clients’ journeys. We’ve just released a new, streamlined Trip Publisher experience to help you deliver the top tier service your clients expect. Stay on top of the luxury trends with Umapped’s innovative technology.

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