How Umapped Makes Last-Minute Travel Changes Effortless
1 May, 2019
last minute changes itinerary

If there’s anything the travel industry has learned so far this year, it’s that 24/7 service is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. Between the Boeing 737 Max 8 groundings, the abrupt shutdown of WOW airlines, and the frightening rescue of the Norwegian Escape, it’s obvious that travellers and travel advisors need to be prepared for the unexpected.

New Umapped user, Cornelia Crawford reached out to us a few days ago to share how our collaborative itinerary had already helped her to support her VIP clients when it truly mattered:

“Yesterday, I received a notice from Umapped that my client’s flight had been cancelled by American Airlines and it was the last flight of the evening, therefore causing them to miss the connecting flight. I immediately was able to call my flight department and rebook their flight for today.

“Afterwards, I realized that American Airlines had not yet sent an update through Sabre. It was almost an hour later that I received that update. Because of your wonderful program, I had a 45-minute jump on everyone else and was able to grab seats for my clients first. This advantage of publishing an itinerary for my clients was a bonus. Bravo!”

Today’s travellers have high expectations for their travel advisors. And those who use Umapped’s Trip Publisher to streamline their service ensure peace of mind for themselves and their clients.

We designed the Trip Publisher to save you time and energy before, during, and after your clients’ trips. Why use old fashioned static itineraries when your travellers can receive automatic notifications of flight changes, chat with their travel advisors at the click of a button, and keep all of their up to date travel information in one place?

Register for our next interactive webinar and learn how to use every Umapped Trip Publisher feature to provide outstanding, memorable service for your clients.

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