How Umapped Can Help You Best Service Your Clients
16 March, 2020
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We, at Umapped, understand that we are all currently facing difficult and chaotic times in our business. While the industry is resilient, the current situation is tough, for you, our industry partners as well as for your clients. Your hard work and caring don’t go unnoticed and we stand with you. We can also help. 


Amidst changing government advisories and insurance policies, travel advisors can make a lasting impression with their clients


Here are some tips on how you can keep your clients safe, in the know, and more likely to book with you in the future. 

– Use Umapped’s Trip Publisher to engage with your clients & chat before, during and after their trip, keeping valuable information at their fingertips. This will help alleviate long queues and hold times that are stressful for everyone. 

– Deliver news to your clients promptly, be it an updated travel advisory, government regulation, itinerary change or other relevant travel information. Be the first they hear from.

– Curate your clients’ updates and news with expertise. Providing access to factual, vetted information from reliable sources is professional and helps to avert panic and uncertainty. 

Knowledge is power. Share it.


Use this time to get ready for when your clients are ready to book again.


Sooner or later, travel will pick back up again. Use this time to sharpen your saw for when it does and be readier than ever to reap the rewards. 

– Create Templates now to quickly and easily share your top-selling trips 

– Use lookalike Templates to suggest alternative destinations for clients who want to make last-minute changes 

– Register for our live webinars to make sure you’re using all of the Trip Publisher’s time-saving features  Sign up now  


Umapped is here for you so you can be there for your clients! If there is anything our Customer Success team can support you with please let us know by emailing We’d love to hear from you.   

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