Reunions & Family Vacations Made Easier with Umapped
28 November, 2019
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced this: you book a vacation with your family, but it’s not until the plane takes off that you realize you all have completely different ideas of how you’ll be spending your time together. Do we build sandcastles all day or do we visit every museum we can? Do we get up early to catch the sunrise or do we check out what the local nightlife is like? 

Conflicting holiday expectations can be tricky to navigate, and multi-generational travel can complicate things. A 2008 metastudy published in the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing suggested that kids typically have a very significant role in vacation planning. They might not carry the credit card, but in a lot of ways, kids do wear the pants. 

Fortunately, travel advisors powered by Umapped can help make it easier for their clients to design a family vacation or family reunion trip that’s fun for every traveller. 

How to Master Group Travel with Umapped

1. Start with a Template

Start by adding flights, accommodations, and the core group activities to a Template, then use it to create personalized Trips with adjustments for different interests. 

Starting with a Template especially comes in handy for proposing large group trips like family reunions. You can design a trip Template (which doesn’t specify dates) so your client can pitch it to their family. Once everyone’s on board, it will be easy to fill in the dates and details. 

Perhaps Grandma and the kids have tickets for a sailing excursion while Dad enjoys an afternoon in a tasting room. Perhaps some cousins will bond over drinks by the beach while others prefer to reconnect with four-wheelers and sand dunes. 

However many flavours your clients’ family trip has, you can easily keep things organized and simple with Trip Publisher. 

2. Highlight Collaborative Features

At its heart, Umapped’s Trip Publisher is a collaborative itinerary management platform. It allows for easy collaboration between advisors and their clients, between advisors and their business partners, and even between travellers. 

Not only can your clients add bookings on the go, but they can also easily communicate with their fellow travellers via Trip Publisher’s chat function, Umapped Messenger. 

Booking a skip-gen trip? Senior travellers and young travellers both find Trip Publisher easy and convenient to use. Plus, if the Trip is shared with parents back home, the whole family can see what everyone’s up to, and feel safe and in the know. 

3. Add Personalized Content

Add custom content to your Trips and make your clients’ travel experiences nothing short of amazing. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Try adding a packing checklist as a Note, so your travellers don’t accidentally show up with duplicate items that take up unnecessary space in their suitcases
  • Encourage your clients to add photos of their vacation highlights to their Trip 
  • Create a custom Destination Guide tailored to your clients’ family interests.
  • Have your clients created a family reunion handbook? Why not add it as a trip Document so everyone can have a copy in their pocket. 


There are countless ways your team can use Umapped to boost productivity and wow clients. Be confident that you’re using our travel solutions to their full potential, and register for an interactive webinar today.

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