Fact or Fiction? “Older Clients Are Not Interested In Something Like Umapped.”
3 July, 2019
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Remember the TV show where scientists with a keen sense of humour dispel common myths by putting them to the test?

On a similar note, we’re here to bust misconceptions about Umapped’s target demographics. There are myths flying around out there, claiming older clients are not receptive to technology like Umapped. This idea prevents travel agents from fully assessing their clients’ needs and even worse, blocking a segment of valuable travellers from truly realizing their vacation potential.

Let’s seek out the truth and separate fact from fiction as we look at these statements!

1) Fact or Fiction? Seniors don’t use technology

Statistics Canada reveals ¾ of respondents aged 65 and over spent an average of 3.5 hours a day on passive pursuits like using technology. In 2015, men and women in this age cohort spent 2.1 and 1.8 hours per day, respectively, learning or using technology. We know that in these 4 years since the study was published that tech use in seniors has increased; therefore it is safe to say today’s seniors are much more savvy than ever before.

2) Fact or Fiction? Traditional guidebooks and tangible maps offer security.

We might think of them as clunky paperweights, but a trusty, 400-page Lonely Planet or voluminous Fodor’s are often an older traveller’s choice. Again, statistics don’t lie– but they also don’t always tell the whole truth. 

Older travellers might seem to prefer using these old-fashioned forms of travel companions, but this is because they are not presented options. It is paramount to offer those who at first decline the Umapped experience to show it makes any travel experience easier. 

Umapped as a digital travel manager streamlines all pertinent information in an attractive, simple to use format. Moreover, if any changes are made to flights, the client is alerted right away, eliminating the chance of confusion by an outdated paper itinerary or emailed PDF. The peace of mind this offers any client is valuable, especially to seniors.

3) Fact or Fiction? Baby Boomers aren’t looking for connectivity on their travels

Okay, this is a trick statement — once again, data shows that WiFi is the least booked travel add-on for cruises by senior travellers. The very possible reason? It’s not always something that is offered. Rather, most agents will default to early booking bonuses or waived deposits instead.

Besides, Umapped requires no WiFi to use – your clients simply download Umapped to their laptop or personal device and voila – all their travel information is there. Still, older travellers want to stay connected, whether it’s to stay in touch with those at home or simply for well-earned bragging rights on social media (Facebook is, after all, a favourite platform of many seniors.)

Our clients also cite the value of Umapped for forgetful moments to peace of mind. To learn more about how Umapped can help augment and improve the way your older clientele travels, check out a Umapped webinar or your company’s Umapped representative.

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