How to Collaborate Smarter with Umapped
22 July, 2019
travel advisor collaboration

What’s your contingency plan when a member of your team calls in sick and they have clients on the go? 

How do you stay organized when group travellers pop into your office at different times? 

Is your team equipped to support each other when things get busy?

Travel professionals who use the Umapped Trip Publisher have access to seamless collaboration solutions that can help make their entire organization shine in hectic times.

Top 4 Collaboration Tips for the Umapped Trip Publisher

1. Grant Teammates Collaborator Access

The same feature that allows you to collaborate with third-party travel providers also comes in handy for sharing trips with co-workers. If you’re an administrator, you’ll already have direct access to all company trips in one place or grant your team members one of four access levels by adding them as collaborators to your trip. 

Collaborators can pick up a proposal where a team member left off, make a last-minute change to flight plans, or create polished trip itineraries for a teammate who’s running behind. With Umapped, it’s easy to give your clients consistent service, no matter who they reach out to.

2. Share Commonly Used Documents

Your team can provide important travel information to clients in a matter of seconds by using shared documents.

Administrators and power members can add activity guides, company information, terms & conditions, and other content that you routinely provide clients right into the Trip Publisher. 

Plus, you can create your own tailored destination guides and add them as documents to the Trip Publisher for the entire team, or access AFAR and WCities’ content libraries.

3. Duplicate Existing Trips

Have you built out a trip proposal that got your clients hooked? The Umapped Trip Publisher makes it easy to share winning proposals with your team. Just duplicate the trip using pseudonyms and add your teammates as contributors. When travellers with similar interests stop by, your co-workers have a ready-made trip to showcase. 

4. Set Up Trips Messenger Strategically 

Clients can use Trips Messenger to contact your business within the Umapped app, no matter where in the world they are. Small travel consulting businesses can benefit from setting up Trips Messenger with a shared email. By giving your entire team access to instant communications, you can provide a faster response. 

There are countless ways your team can use Umapped to wow clients. Be confident that you’re using our travel solutions to their full potential, and register for an interactive webinar today.

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