The Four Times You Need to Connect With Your Clients Post-Booking
28 November, 2019
collaborative itinerary client retention

Post-purchase communication is essential for building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your clients. Among the many benefits, as we all know, it validates your client’s purchasing decisions, it keeps you top of mind throughout their travel lifecycle, and it can strengthen the foundation of trust you’ve been working oh-so-hard at building. In an industry where stats show that frequent travellers switch airlines, hotels, and other travel providers, a simple, yet effective customer retention strategy is something you always want to keep in your back pocket. 

There’s no doubt that connecting with clients post-booking is a key element in your customer retention strategy. But just like many things in life, timing is everything. Reaching out at the wrong time, not enough, or even too often, can quickly work against you. Done well, your customer service can give your clients a positive experience to remember. With Umapped, you can rest assured that your post-booking communication strategy can connect you with your clients when they need you most.  

A collaborative itinerary management tool with in-app chatting features, Umapped is your communication solution. Umapped’s Trip Publisher can make post-purchase communication easy and convenient. Connect with your clients post-booking during these four crucial touchpoints and make an impression that will last for future travel opportunities.

1 – A few days before their trip

The days leading up to a trip can be hectic. Whether your clients are excited or distracted with one thing or another, it’s easy to miss or forget important travel details. From insurance and last-minute add-ons to check-in reminders and schedule changes, this is a good time to connect with your clients and go over a short checklist of items. Connecting with your clients right before they leave for their trip is an opportunity to solve a problem before it becomes one. 

2 – While they’re on their trip

They’ve made it out the door. Now, all they’re tasked with is navigating the world. For even the most seasoned traveller, this could be as daunting as it is exciting. Luckily, travellers with any level of experience can benefit from staying connected using the Umapped app while in-destination. Send a chat message, email, or notification to connect with your client and quickly check-in to make sure that everything is a-ok.

3 – When they come back from their trip

They’ve travelled the world and the seven seas. How did it go? Connect with your clients post-trip with a welcome home message. This is an opportunity to receive valuable feedback, take note of personal preferences, and to learn about any challenges they faced that you can address or correct. 

4 – One year after they started planning that trip

What’s next on the horizon? Chances are, your clients are dreaming up or planning their next getaway about a year after they started planning their last trip. Connect with your clients on this one-year anniversary and stay top of mind as a proactive and reliable travel advisor.

As part of your customer retention strategy, use Umapped’s Trip Publisher to connect with your clients during the most crucial touchpoints. Register for our next interactive webinar to learn how to boost your productivity, your profitability, and the impact you leave on your clients.

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