6 Things You Can Do With All the Time You Saved by Using Umapped
3 May, 2019
umapped collaborative itinerary management tool

We get so excited by feedback from travel professionals who tell us how much time they’ve saved after switching to Umapped’s collaborative itinerary management tools! But with all the streamlining and multi-tasking they can accomplish, one can’t help but wonder: What’s a person to do with this newfound free time? Well, we’ve got a few solutions for that too.

1. Get to Know Your Clients Better

Your clients can use Umapped’s collaborative functions to keep all of their travel details in one place. Use your extra time to browse their itinerary adjustments and make note of their travel styles. Are they adding multiple reservations for fine dining? Did they book an extra walking tour? Easy collaboration using Trip Publisher helps you to tailor their future travel plans with ease.

2. Dream About Your Next Vacation

You’re in the travel industry for a reason! Use your extra time to catch up on your favourite travel blog, add to your bucket list Pinterest board, and dream about your next getaway. The more ground you cover in your lifetime, the more you can build your expertise for your clients. So go enjoy some sun and sand… you know, for research.

3. Organize Your Workspace

A cluttered workspace isn’t only unappealing to your clients, it can cause distractions and make you less effective. Use your extra time to recycle outdated promotional materials, add inspirational travel pictures to your desk, and top up your office supplies.

4. Make Your Clients’ Day

Now that using Umapped has freed up a few turns of the clock hands, use the extra time in your workday to handwrite personal notes welcoming your clients home from their holidays. This simple habit can help you create an impression they won’t forget.

5. Start a Healthy Habit

We don’t have to tell you how many people struggle to fit self-care into their work-life balance, so consider this the perfect opportunity to start meditating 10 minutes a day like you’ve been saying you would for years now. Your body and mind will reward you for making wellness a daily priority.

6. Book More Trips

Umapped solutions are designed to increase productivity, decrease the time spent on tedious work, and ultimately boost your sales. With Trip Publisher, you can finish 15 trip itineraries in the time it takes to do just one the traditional way! Use your extra time to focus on growing your travel business with existing and new clients.

Try our Productivity Boost Calculator to find out how much time & money the Umapped Trip Publisher can save you while managing proposal and itinerary documents.

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