4 Best Fall and Winter Weekend Getaways
20 October, 2020

Summer 2020 may have come to an end, but there’s still a million reasons to be excited about the last few months of the year! For those of us on the east coast, it might be getting too cold for beach season, but west coasters can still take advantage of the last few weeks of good weather to spend time with family and friends by the beach. In California, the mild autumn weather (September through November) means that locals and travellers will only need to don a light jacket to cozy up by a bonfire or take a walk along the cool sand.

Even with the changing landscapes of travel – from countries opening up to those imposing stricter travel regulations – there are a variety of safe, season-appropriate trip ideas to explore. Here are the top four best seasonal travel plans that you can start raving about to friends and family:


1 – Take A Spin in an RV 

According to data from VacationRenter, RV searches were up 350% in May of this year and that should come as absolutely no surprise. RVs offer a safe and fun way to travel with family across the country without having to worry about finding a rental cabin or making reservations at a hotel. Kick back and travel along the coast with your own personal kitchen, bedroom, and more – forget about hurriedly packing the day before your flight, you can bring everything you need with you and leave whenever you choose. 


2 – Support Your Local Farms

In previous years, you might have just picked a weekend at random to go driving to your local farm to pick out a couple pumpkins, buy some apple cider, or take cute Instagram photos with your friends. This year, things might look a little different, but by taking extra precautions, you can still enjoy the festivities safely while supporting your local farms!

Most farms this fall are requiring visitors to schedule an appointment time to come pick up their pumpkins or roam through the apple orchards. Timeslots also have a limited number of visitors allowed to enter at once, so you can explore the orchards while socially distanced. Supporting your local farms and shops is more important than ever this year, so make a reservation, put on a mask, and go pick out some pumpkins to carve up with your family this year.


3 – Cozy Up in a Cabin this Winter

This year, instead of looking forward to getting away for the winter, embrace the cold! For those of us on the east coast, you’ll know there’s nothing better than renting a cabin in the heart of the countryside with your family over the holidays. From cross-country skiing to relaxing by a crackling wood fire to hiking and snowshoeing, there’s something for everyone. 

According to AirDNA, new reservations made for vacation rentals in the United States were up 20 percent between May 17 and June 10, 2020, so make sure you’re booking your stay ahead of the holiday season. While you’re making your reservations, think about how luxurious it would be to drink a marshmallowy mug of hot chocolate by the fireplace – that’ll be sure to warm you up.


4 – Look to Your Local Chalets

As we steadily approach the winter months, it appears as though travellers are gearing up for vacations to local ski resorts. While many chalet owners and managers have stated that this year won’t be a great year for après (the more social component of skiing), the industry is making an enormous effort to adjust for the new normal. Expect indoor masking, less communal experiences, and a stricter cleaning regimen for sure. 

With a reduced capacity and the wide open outdoors, however, ski resorts will provide locals the opportunity to get out and be active after a sedentary past few months. Book your weekend getaway and stretch your legs – you’ve earned it!


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