10 Simple Ways Your Travel Consulting Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly

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10 Simple Ways Your Travel Consulting Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly

If you want to “go green”, but feel a little late to the party, it’s actually easier than you think. Whether you’re a home-based agent or commute to an office, here are ten simple ideas to reduce your impact on the planet. Best of all, this isn’t just a feelgood exercise, it’s good for business, […]
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4 Useful Tips for Appealing to Millennial Travellers

At this point, we’ve all heard enough about how different millennials are from their parents and grandparents; how they’ve “ruined” various industries; or how they supposedly bounce from job to job.  The truth is millennials do have important things in common with other generations, and travel is one of those things! The 2019 Deloitte Millennial […]
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You Are Only Booking Half of What You Can Be – Here’s How to Book It All

It turns out that many travel consultants are still content to just get their clients from A to B. Every trip may start with a flight but selling a good airfare is hardly the most lucrative segment of any travel itinerary anymore. Do you know what is? According to recent consumer insights conducted by Phocuswright […]
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Using Umapped to Protect Clients from Travel Scams

Many North Americans opt to book their travel online because they’re hoping for a greater sense of convenience and control. Unfortunately, research shows that large numbers of consumers become victims of online travel scams in the process.  Find out how travel advisors powered by Umapped can help their clients bridge the gap between having hands-on […]
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How Umapped Makes Collaboration with Partners Easy

Your clients have just booked a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast with an upscale, boutique tour operator. They’ve pulled out all the stops. Excursions upon excursions, extra days dovetailed to their itinerary – the works.  Will you be spending the foreseeable future painstakingly compiling your clients’ itinerary? Not if you know how to maximize […]
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5 Reasons Why Umapped Is The Solution Luxury Travellers Are Looking For

For the last decade, luxury consumer trends have seen a shift from a desire for expensive things to an emphasis on exclusive experiences.  Luxury has evolved. It means different things to different people now. Today, luxury touches on an overarching theme of personal fulfillment as defined by the individual traveller, and transformative moments that resonate […]
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The Three Coolest Things We Saw at Virtuoso Travel Week

Alanna Clancy, Customer Success & Training Manager As a first time Virtuoso Travel Week attendee, nothing could have prepared me for the incredible spectacle. From the first moments of the opening ceremonies on Sunday, it was clear this was no ordinary conference – this was a gathering that had to be seen to be believed. […]
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How to Collaborate Smarter with Umapped

What’s your contingency plan when a member of your team calls in sick and they have clients on the go?  How do you stay organized when group travellers pop into your office at different times?  Is your team equipped to support each other when things get busy? Travel professionals who use the Umapped Trip Publisher […]
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The Simple Mistakes That Cost Your Travel Agency Big Bucks

The last decade has seen a lot of turbulence for professionals in the travel industry. Economies have shifted, technology has expanded, and people are more connected with the world than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be a travel advisor, but today’s travel professionals face high stakes. Triple check that you aren’t making any […]
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Fact or Fiction? “Older Clients Are Not Interested In Something Like Umapped.”

Remember the TV show where scientists with a keen sense of humour dispel common myths by putting them to the test? On a similar note, we’re here to bust misconceptions about Umapped’s target demographics. There are myths flying around out there, claiming older clients are not receptive to technology like Umapped. This idea prevents travel […]
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