How Travel Advisors are Upskilling Right Now

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How Travel Advisors are Upskilling Right Now

As the travel industry deals with the effects of COVID-19 and its impact on international travel, travel advisors are using this period to redefine their business, learn new tools, and enhance the personal connection with their customers to best position themselves for when travel inevitably starts up again. With travel at a momentary standstill, there’s […]
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You Asked, We Listened: How Trip Publisher is Evolving to Meet Your Needs

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” — Max De Pree When the Umapped Trip Publisher launched in 2014, our focus was as an itinerary management application. Our main goal was to provide travel advisors with a collaborative and up-to-the-minute itinerary option for their clients, that could give the […]
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traveller with laptop looks at airport flight board

How Umapped Can Help You Best Service Your Clients

We, at Umapped, understand that we are all currently facing difficult and chaotic times in our business. While the industry is resilient, the current situation is tough, for you, our industry partners as well as for your clients. Your hard work and caring don’t go unnoticed and we stand with you. We can also help.  […]
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traveller takes photo of food while travelling

Why Foodies Love Umapped

The world has an appetite for food travel, and successful travel advisors are those who know how to point their cuisine-minded clients in the right direction.   Global experts across a variety of organizations from tour providers to researchers to travel agencies have predicted “continued growth in nearly every aspect of food travel—from gourmet to street food,” according […]
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How to Fit More Clients Into Your Biggest Booking Season with Umapped

With March Break around the corner and the year’s biggest booking seasons already underway, Umapped’s time-saving features help make the booking experience simpler and faster. Travel Advisors powered by Umapped can give clients the high touch booking experience they deserve, and have the time to reach out to more clients. See how much time Umapped […]
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woman plans travel online

Your Clients are Obsessed with Planning. Here’s How to Use That to Your Advantage

If you’re a travel professional, you’re already familiar with the jolt of energy that comes from planning an exciting itinerary. It’s a rush! And these days, many of your clients know the feeling, too.   In fact, millennial travellers especially seem to have fallen in love with the excitement of intricate trip-planning. When it’s time to plan a vacation, out come […]
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young woman balances on a rock on the beach

Helping Your Travel Clients Stay Fit with Umapped

As invigorating as travel can be, it’s naturally sprinkled with stress-inducing moments, too, even for the seasoned traveller. Unfamiliar cities and airports, language barriers and limited amenities can all rattle a client abroad, and throwing anyone off their regular fitness routine doesn’t make things any easier. Trip Publisher to the rescue!  Personalize Their Destination Content […]
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smiling man enjoying a ride in a colourful boat

Umapped & Booking Cruise Shore Excursions with Third Parties

Cruise passengers know how to go with the flow, but when it comes to shore excursions, they’re exploring off-the-beaten-port and avoiding the crowds. Today’s cruise passengers are looking for an experience.  Drawing a focus on small groups, cultural immersion, and stops off-the-beaten-path, third-party shore excursion providers are growing in popularity and becoming the new alternative […]
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sparklers and fireworks celebrate the new year 2020

Looking Back at 2019 with Umapped

The Umapped team is extremely grateful to our partners and clients for continuing to share our journey with us. Since you helped us to shape our 2019, we want to share some of the top milestones of our year with you! 2019 has been filled with excitement, but we’re gearing up for an even better […]
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family trip collaborative itinerary

Reunions & Family Vacations Made Easier with Umapped

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced this: you book a vacation with your family, but it’s not until the plane takes off that you realize you all have completely different ideas of how you’ll be spending your time together. Do we build sandcastles all day or do we visit every museum we can? Do […]
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